Ti STYLE iT founds its business in the luxury segment of Prêt-à-porter, Haute Couture and Tailor-made for men and women. Since its creation, it has been distinguished by the constant synergy between tradition and innovation, attention to the customer, continuous research of materials and new technologies, the Know-how in the field of design and mass production and for the craftsmanship that joins the technological one.

Ti STYLE iT places particular commitment and attention to the value of the person and human resources, pursuing the professional growth in a stimulating and teamwork atmosphere, encouraging the sharing in a context of creativity and well-being.

And by doing so, Ti STYLE iT creates, as well as garments, intangible value for its customers and represents one of the major assets that the Company protects and maintains over time.

The Company places in its own actions a particular environmental sensitivity and generates around itself a context committed to its safeguard.